2006 ~ 2007 Club Blessings

Bible Baptist Church, Portage - from Kelli Calvert, Awana Co-Commander:

This was our first year with an Awana program at our church, and nearly all

of the leaders were novices.  We . . . had too many blessings to count!  I could have had a day that just drug me to the bottom of my energy level, and by the time club was over, I was re-energized!


My own two children (aged 7 and 5) were saved, as were another leader's two

children.  One teen leader, and at least four other children were also

saved!  At least two of these children had little or no other contact with a

church outside of Awana.  That's a pretty good percentage

considering our average attendance was between 20-25 each night!


I was also able to witness so many amazing things.  Older children who would

go out of their ways to help and encourage the younger ones.  Teens who

would literally be eating their dinner as they were getting into the church

van so they could be LITs each Wednesday night.  Parents of children who had

no home church who would stay for the Wednesday evening Bible Study while

their kids participated in the club activities.  Children who had only come

for one club night would bring more new kids the next week.  Children who

just whizzed through their handbooks, and could not be slowed down for



All in all, it was a good year.  An exhausting, exhilarating, blessing-filled year!  I'm enjoying the break, but I'm already looking forward to the coming year!


Emmanuel Baptist Church, Hebron - from Mark Cooper:

We had 19 clubbers  saved during the year.  We also had 5 parents/grandparents raise their hands for salvation who said they prayed the "sinner's " prayer at our Grand Prix.

We also had a 6th grade girl who had finished her 4 T&T books and went back

and finished 2 Sparks books in order to receive the Sparky plaque as well as

the Timothy award. She has been a real example to her younger siblings and

other clubbers as well.


Loree Brethren Church, Bunker Hill - from Commander Stan:

We had a good year with a few minor changes to our club. We separated the

3rd and 4th grade boys from the 5th and 6th grade.

Our best results was from the Trekker. We have a super leader and some of

the kids were really struggling with home issues. She is such a caring person and the kids really relate to her. I don't think there were any first time commitments but a lot of rededications.


Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany - from Pastor Ken Wheeler:

We had several salvations on different Wednesday nights. When I follow

up with families, I always know if they are participating in Awana

because they know the Bible verses we talk about during our baptismal

counseling time. Praise God for using scripture to change lives, and

that Awana Clubs focuses on scripture as the way to know God.


Castleview Baptist Church, Indianapolis - Commander Jeff Passage reports:

We had eight Timothy award winners, and two moms honored for their 10+ years of service.


This was also the first year for Countryside Community Church in Brownsburg.   Pastor Jim Harper reported six salvation decisions and seven baptized this year – one was a mom of one of the clubbers. About half of their club is young people from outside their church. Several first book awards were presented.


Angela Sorrells, from Emmanuel Baptist, Bloomington, said they had thirteen decisions this year.


Bethesda Baptist in Brownsburg celebrated the 30 years of ministry in Awana that Commander Harry Howe and wife Gracie completed.


Pastor Doug Fritzel, of Warsaw Bible Church, Warsaw , reported that this has been the best year ever for their little Club.


Christian Congregation Church of Alexandria set several records this year:  Clubber Attendance: 177 clubbers; Record Sections Passed in One Night: 296 Sections. (There is normally more than one verse in each section!)  Think of God’s Word hidden in hearts! 


Faith Baptist Church of Avon combined their Awards Program with revival meetings.  The clubbers used the Awana Bucks they had earned at club to buy pizza, pop, cookies, and brownies to feed their families that night.  140 pizzas, to be exact!  Families came, families ate, and ten salvation decisions were made, along with other decisions. God can even use pizza!  Commander Beth Faubion reported that 40 clubber decisions were made this past year!


Revealing Light Baptist Fellowship, Edinburgh, began as a new work this past year.  They are using Awana to help their ministry grow.  The first club night they had twelve clubbers attend.  They even had several Quiz teams participate in Bible Quiz this year.  One Quiz team took FIRST place and one of their girls was a Top Quizzer!  But the best news is that this young lady’s family attended Quiz.  They do not attend church anywhere.  THIS is one reason quizzing is so important. 


At Brownsburg Baptist Church, Brownsburg , a faithful fourth-grader attending Awana there is already an active missionary, witnessing on her school bus.  She has led at least six young people to Christ so far!


From Deb and Pat Cory of Grace Bible Church, Mitchell:

We started in 2004 with a dozen children and passion for doing what God wanted to do amongst a small, ragtag group without their own church building.  We have grown by embracing a large number of unchurched families.  Our group dynamics are showing that there are only a small percentage of churched kids; mostly kids that come and their parents do not know (or care) where they are!  That's okay; we will take them off the streets and introduce them to our Savior.  God does the rest... 


The Lord has provided a smaller size bus just perfect for our Awana ministry!  The passenger load is fifteen and we have already pushed the load limits, having to use an additional vehicle for pick up last night!  On the first night of our 'run', the bus driver said that on one block, children were 'pouring' out of their homes!  She could have made another trip!  We took our old, twenty year old, Mitchell-made bus to get Awana decals put on all over so that as we drive around town, people will begin to ask, just what is Awana? 


We love the fact that a great percentage of our church is there on Tuesday nights.  Our Pastor greets our children and holds an introductory Bible class for some of the parents.  We praise God for what He is doing from the 'least' of His churches...... 



Jessica Day, Commander at Horizon Christian Fellowship, Indianapolis, reports: This year was an amazing adventure.  I am blessed to be a commander and especially to be the one God chose to serve the first year at our church.  I am excited for the coming year. 


     God was evident and faithful through all trials and joys this Awana year.  I did not keep track as closely as I should have of children being saved, but I know we had 5 that I remember, and one child vividly.  His family began to attend church after bringing him to club for awhile.  He was not easy at the beginning, yet God gave him a missionary as his leader this year and she loved him through every tough time.  Encouraging him was a blessing to her.  During Easter break we did Awana, in which some of our leaders were frustrated with.  There were only leader’s children there that night, and this one clubber.  He was saved that night and I could not have been more blessed that I pressed through the frustrations of my leaders for one soul.  God is faithful when we are faithless. 


Pastor Reathel Miller, of Calvary Heights Baptist Church, Martinsville , was excited to tell about the seven who were saved and baptized this past Club year.  Former T&T'ers want to continue in Awana so Trek Ministries are beginning this Fall.

Awana Tip of the Day
Commanders and Directors: plan a VIP night and invite parents to be your special guests for the evening. Encourage them in their God-given role to nurture their children to faith in Christ. Explain how Awana can play a part in helping them in this most important role.
A Look at God's Book
"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."
John 14:1-3
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