Awana Ministry Conference
is now history...

What a great time over 290 Awana Leaders took
advantage of by being part of one of the conferences!

We are working right now on securing locations and dates for "AMC 2016"

Watch for information that will be posted as it becomes available for

"THE GREAT CONNECTION -- Pursuing The Sweet Spot of Your Awana Ministry" (AMC 2016)

Be ready to take advantage of the great fellowship, learning and reminders of important things you need to be a great Awana leader, not to mention [but we will anyway] "early bird" discounts [no worms! Sorry!] available to those registering in June.

Keeping your "Ax of Leadership" sharpened is critical to your success in Awana (Ecclesiastes 10:10) -- so be an "E-1010 Leader" -- and a big part of that is regular attendance at Awana Ministry Conference!

(NOTE: Some of the pages for "Awana Ministry Conference 2015" will remain "up" for a bit while we make plans and arrangements for 2016 locations, so we need only edit pages, rather than having to re-create them completely. Thanks for your understanding!)

God is changing the world through the ministry of Awana by equipping leaders to reach kids with the gospel and engaging them in long-term discipleship

Awana  impacts and shapes the lives of millions of kids and adults worldwide through proven resources and expertise that help churches and families develop lifelong disciples of Christ

    "We are thrilled to support you in reaching boys and girls and families with the gospel of Christ and helping equip you as you "train them to serve Him."

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Your Awana Missionaries 

    Reaching Kids, Equipping Leaders
    throughout Indiana

    Check out this inspiring documentary!!!

    Click Here for the "MORE" Video Documentary


     You'll witness how God is at work through Awana, around the world !!!






























    Awana Tip of the Day
    Are you taking advantage of all the resources Awana provides? Take a careful look at the Ministry Guide, which is free. Check out the new "Children Are Our Future" Parent Welcome Brochures that can be given to each new clubber to take home.
    A Look at God's Book
    "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?"
    Jeremiah 32:27
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