WELCOME! to T&T Handbook Review Games
Why should I use these games?
    Motivate your clubbers to memorize Scripture.
    To retain what we've learned we MUST review.
    Make reviewing FUN!
    Rewards clubbers who have hidden God's Word in their hearts.
    Scriptures learned will help keep young people from sin, 
        bring comfort, and help them make right decisions.
    Use as practice for Bible Quiz.

When can I use these games?   
    There are a variety of games.  Some can be used in Handbook Time,
        some in Large Group Time, some in Game Time, some as a before
        or after Club activity.  Use them even at a Club party. 

How hard are the questions?
The attached List of Games tells where the questions come from, and
     gives an idea of their difficulty.   Some are easy, some more difficult.
List of Games
Awana Tip of the Day
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A Look at God's Book
"Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways."
Psalm 128:1
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