Faith Supported Missionaries Need Your Help

Prayer is the most important way you can support the Awana ministry here in Indiana.  Please make your Awana missionaries a priority on your prayer list.


Awana missionaries are faith-supported missionaries.  We do not receive a salary.  We depend on the gifts of God's people. Each of your Awana missionaries is supported by the giving of local churches and individuals. We would welcome the opportunity to present our ministry to your church’s missions committee or to interested individuals.


If you would like to give by mail, please send your contribution to Awana Clubs International, Attn: Accounting, PO Box 987, Streamwood, IL 60107.  The following are missionary identification numbers used by the accounting department to designate funds:

Support for Rick and Mary Glover: 349.6030

Support for Dave & Cindy Rollings: 223.6030


For your convenience, you may now donate on line through a secure webpage. Go to (you can link it from this website in fact, if you care to).   Click on the RED donate button.






Awana Bible Quiz Winners are posted.  Congratulations!   

Awana has made giving a little easier.

You can now donate online.

Also, non-cash type gifts (jewelry, stocks, bonds, cars, boats, real estate, etc.) can be given. If done properly, taxes can be reduced or eliminated and your giving maximized.

Click on "Support Your Missionary" above.


Awana Tip of the Day
Commanders: make an investment that will pay big dividends -- buy a copy of Larry Fowler's recent book Rock Solid Kids for each of your directors.  Ask that they read it and then meet as group to develop a renewed vision for your club.
A Look at God's Book
"Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? who can shew forth all his praise? Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times."
Psalm 106:2-3
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